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POLIBIENESTAR restyling - Logo 2020-04
NHS Highland

NHS Highland

NHS Highland is a public body, a legal entity in its own right but also part of the National Health Service in the UK. As part of NHS Highland (also known as Highland Health Board), the Research, Development and Innovation Division (RDI) carries out research and interventional activities across all specialisms (clinical and non-clinical) including the development of interventional programmes, evaluation of research, literature searching and review, and many other aspects of research and innovation.

Within INADVANCE, NHS Highland will work in close cooperation with the Highland Hospice. The clinical trial will take place at the Highland Hospice.

Contact persons:

Frances Hines 


Lee Heaney


University of Valencia

POLIBIENESTAR is a Public Research Institute belonging to the University of Valencia (Spain) specialized in research, innovation and social technology, technical advice and training in the field of public policies, with the final purpose of improving welfare and quality of life of the European society. Polibienestar works since an interdisciplinary approach, integrating methodologies, tools, perspectives and theories from different disciplines (i.e. Psychology, Social Work, Political Science or Engineering) with a team of more than 60 researchers. Polibienestar research is focused on the most relevant topics for the welfare: healthcare, social, employment, governance and financial sustainability. During the last 4 years, Polibienestar has participated in 41 EU Framework Programme Projects (i.e. H2020, FP7 or II & III Health programmes among others) and in this period their researchers have published 170 papers, which have received 1,384 citations.

Contact persons:

Jorge Garcés Ferrer


Ascension Doñate Martínez 


Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe

IIS La Fe Hospital

The FUNDACION PARA LA INVESTIGACION DEL HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARIO LA FE DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA (HULAFE) is a non-profit organisation that carries out the scientific and research policy of the "La Fe" Health Department. The research of excellence carried out at the HULAFE is patient-oriented and was accredited as a "Health Research Institute" by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation in 2009. The HULAFE offers scientific and technological services and has more than 10,000 m2 of clinical and research laboratories to undertake research programmes based on state-of-the-art biomedical science.

Contact persons:

Bernardo Valdivieso


Julia Villar



Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam

The Erasmus University Medical Center is the largest university medical center in the Netherlands, with approximately 14,000 employees. In addition to having the largest number of university hospital disciplines in the country, it includes excellent health science and basic research departments. The Department of Public Health is a top medical research institute in Europe and in the world. The Department of Public Health employs circa 130 persons. Its research is conducted in close collaboration with local, national and international public health and health care organizations, and is organized in 10 main programs, including Medical care and decision making at the end of life and Cost-effectiveness assessment. The department is the coordination centre of many international studies on health and health care funded by different funding bodies such as the European Commission.

Contact person:

Junwen Yang



Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

AUTH is the metropolitan University for southern Europe ( Its School of Medicine consists of 500 academic staff members, and 3,500 students. In this project, AUTH will participate with the Lab of Medical Physics ( The Lab is a major research and development hub in medical education, leading research initiatives in the area, with fully equipped research labs (Neuroscience EEG Lab; Living Lab; Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Labs; Clinical Skills Labs). The lab has participated in numerous national and international projects and is ISO-9001 certified on Software Design, Development & Production and Design & Implementation of Education/Training programmes.

Contact persons:

Panagiotis Bamidis 


Sofia Reppou


University of Leeds

University of Leeds

The University of Leeds has over 30,000 students (over 7,000 postgraduate students) and approximately 6,450 staff of 99 different nationalities, attached to 560 different undergraduate and 300 postgraduate degree programmes. It is acclaimed world-wide for the quality of its research and teaching, and continues to be ranked within the top 100 universities in the QS world rankings. It is one of the top ten UK universities for research and student education, and ranks 4th in the UK for the impact that it delivers from its research.

Contact person:

Vania Dimitrova 



Adhera Health

Adhera Health S.L. is Adhera Health’s wholly owned European subsidiary focused on the development of Adhera Health’s scientific foundation and research for its Precision Digital Therapeutics™ platform.

Adhera Health is a Palo Alto, California based company leveraging forefront research in behavioral science combined with an advanced personalization technology platform to create digital and human solutions that empower people with chronic conditions to achieve long lasting positive personal health outcomes, both physical and mental. Adhera Health’s solutions are based in real world evidence that has been validated in peer-reviewed scientific journals and are implemented in multiple global customers, including Fortune 500 and small and medium sized health systems.

Contact persons:

Júlia López-Guimet


Päivi Salminen



Polytechnic University of Valencia

UPV SABIEN has an extensive expertise in the application of ICT to the social and healthcare systems in AAL, IoT and process mining for healthcare in the development of tools, methods and algorithms that fit with the real needs of citizens, patients, and healthcare professionals. Finally, has also experience in reengineering and evaluation of social and health care processes and solutions in real settings.

Contact persons:

Vicente Traver Salcedo 



Carlos Fernández Llatas 


Polytechnic University of Valencia

UPV BDSLab, with more than 15 years of experience, focuses its research on advanced pattern recognition and machine learning techniques, modelling, computational prediction and development of tools for biomedical data processing to support biomedical research, health care professionals and their patients. It is a research group composed by 15 members, including associated, established, doctoral and pre-doctoral researchers.

Contact persons:

Vicent Blanes Selva



Juan Miguel García Gómez juanmig[at]

Santa Casa da Miresicordia da Amadora

Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Amadora

Misericórdia of Amadora (SCMA) is an NGO with 33 years of existence, founded under the principles of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church, synthetized in the assumption of Serving Well, oriented to Human Dignity, under a sustainable and organized way, providing services daily to 5800 Persons. The Organisation emerges from a multi-challenged territorial context, as a first and second line anchor, with the purpose of at one time mitigate the biopsychosocial vulnerabilities of the Population and of the Community; and, complementarily, promoting the capacity building, through methodologies, tools and strategies that faster accelerate their processes of empowerment, respecting, all the time, the expectations, needs and limits of the Person.

SCMA bases its Services on a workforce of 503 employees, in 4 main areas: Social Support; Elderly; Health Care; Education.

Contact person:

Adriano Fernandes 


AGE Platform Europe

AGE Platform Europe

AGE Platform Europe is a European network of 110 organisations that advocate for the rights and wellbeing of older people. AGE fights against stereotyping, exclusion and discrimination in older age and for a society for all ages, where older people live as equals. AGE advocates at the European Union level based on the lived experience of older individuals, and empowers its member organisations to advocate at the local, regional and national levels. It has extensive experience in EU-funded projects on integrated care, new technologies, health and demographics, among others; these included PACE, an EU-funded project on palliative care (2014-2019).

Contact persons:

Borja Arrue 



Nhu Tram 




Wita is an Italian company, established in 2019, specializing in ICT technologies for healthcare. Wita is part of Waldner Group, an Italian group leader in the medical technology field for both private and public sector healthcare facilities. Wita develops and markets MentorAge®, an innovative solution for wireless monitoring of older adults, originally designed by Nively, which uses 3D sensing technology to ensure maximum safety of seniors by analysing their movements and detecting conditions of potential danger.

Contact person:

Evdokimos Konstantinidis

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