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Involved Third Parties

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Highland Hospice

Highland Hospice an independent local charity reliant on the community. The region it covers has a population of over 230,000 scattered across an area the size of Belgium. Highland Hospice employs over 100 full and part-time staff across a range of clinical and medical services as well as support functions such as finance, human resources, facilities, fundraising and retail. Highland Hospice also benefit from the support of over 750 volunteers working in the Hospice, in shops and fundraising in the community.

Highland Hospice aims to support people, their families and carers, living with an advancing, life-shortening illness in the Highlands to live the best possible life and to prepare for and experience the best possible death. Every year Highland Hospice touches the lives of over 1,000 patients and carers through its direct services and as a result of the support Highland. Hospice provides to others who deliver palliative care in their community.

Highland Hospice is committed to the principles of equality and diversity and its services are offered free of charge to all adults in the Highlands.


St. Gemma's Hospice

St Gemma’s University Teaching Hospice is a 32-bed hospice offering a full range of comprehensive specialist palliative care services to east Leeds and is part of the Academic Unit of Palliative Care at the University of Leeds. The hospice provides inpatient and community based care for 2,000 patients each year with a range of advanced diseases, including bereavement support.

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